Hi, everyone! My name is Jamie and I am so glad you have found this site. Chances are that you are in Hong Kong teaching or thinking about it and want to find out some helpful tips/advice on living and teaching in Hong Kong. You are in the right place! I have been here for 10 years and know a thing or two about both living and teaching in Hong Kong. Spend some time looking around, I know you will find something you like!


Why Did You Choose Hong Kong?

My story began in 2007 when I decided to move to Hong Kong with no teaching experience what so ever! I met my now wife in England and decided to move to Hong Kong when she went back. I quickly got my TESOL and was on a plane over after having accepted a job teaching. Things moved so fast that I didn’t even check the details of the job, I was just happy I had one and could be over in Hong Kong, finally!

Victoria Peak, best going up there on a clear evening – Photo by Denys Nevozhai 

What Was Your First Job Like?

My first job was a whirlwind of a job. I got placed in a Kindergarten teaching young children from 2-6-years-old. Knowing what I do now, it’s nice to help newcomers who get placed in a similar situation without much experience.


Where Are You Now?

I am currently a class teacher in a local school in Hong Kong. When I’m not busy teaching, I am writing articles about teaching and living in Hong Kong, going on the occasional hike, studying my PGDE (Post Graduate Diploma in Education), reading and living life to the fullest in the busy little city that never sleeps.