A Teacher’s Guide to Buying Cheap in Hong Kong!

A guide to buying on Carousell


Why Carousell?

In my time in Hong Kong, there is one place that has quickly become my go to if I want to buy something on the cheap. That place is Carousell. Carousell is a cool little app for your phone where people can buy and sell new and second-hand goods with ease. It has a rating system so it’s easy to find the best sellers and buyers to deal with. There are Facebook groups and other places to find stuff but I find Carousell is the easiest to use and often the quickest when you’re looking for something you want. Let’s have a look how I use it.


Buy, Buy, Buy!

I want to buy a cheapish camera to document my travels so I have a look in the photography section. I normally sort by “recent” to snap up some good deals.



I come across a camera that fits my criteria so I have a look at some pictures of the camera as well as reading the description.



I can see that the camera has a good amount of pictures to look through. Always a good sign. You can see that the description is honest and detailed enough so I know what I am getting. Main details like the price, (likes or “hearts” are people who have shortlisted this item showing their interest) condition and what you get for your money.



After checking the main details out, I like to give the persons profile a once over. (this is located at the bottom of the sale post) This is one of the main advantages to using Carousell over other buying platforms like Facebook or GeoExpat. You can view the experience of other buyers/sellers have had when interacting with this person. I would highly recommend you always check this because it could help you avoid a bad seller/buyer. (You can view feedback 0f the person as both buyer and seller)




Once you are happy with the person you are about to deal with, click on the gray chat button at the bottom of the sale post to start a conversation with the seller. I normally ask any questions I might have and ask for a little discount (always keeping it reasonable.) then we arrange to pick up!



Pro Tip: never make an offer until after you have picked up your item. A lot of the time, people can be unreliable. You need to take steps to protect your own reputation. You can simply make an offer through the chat window instead.



Once you have picked up your item, you can then make an offer to leave feedback. Leaving accurate feedback is a good way to help other buyers and sellers out so they know who to trust and who to avoid.


That’s a Wrap!

That’s it, folks! A quick and easy guide to getting started buying on Carousell. Don’t forget to check the rest of my website out where you can find all the information you need to know about living and working as a teacher in Hong Kong.

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